Øresundsbrons daily management is composed of a Chief Executive Officer and five directors of the departments Property,  Sales, Operations & Service, Finance & Support and Treasury.

Caroline Ullman-Hammer. Foto: Claus PeuckertCaroline Ullman-Hammer
Chief Executive Officer
Phone 45 3341 6000

Bengt Hergart. Foto: Claus PeuckertBengt Hergart
Property Director
Phone 45 3341 6609

Fredrik Jenford. Foto: Claus PeuckertFredrik Jenfjord
Marketing & Sales Director
Phone 45 3341 6195

Göran Olofsson. Foto: Claus PeuckertGöran Olofsson
Operations & Service Director
Phone 45 3341 6652

Helle Bech.Bodil Rosengren
Finance & Support Director
Phone 45 3341 6130

Kaj V. Holm. Foto: Claus PeuckertKaj V. Holm
Treasury Director
Phone 45 3341 6173
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