Annual reports and EMTN-programmes

The entities operate with an annual funding-limit, reflecting the Treasury Departments forecast of the coming years need for funding, including a policy of having liquidity for at least the next 6 months. These documents can be downloaded from our library - click here to visit our library. Funding-limits (see below).
 Funding limit 2014Remaining
Øresundsbro KonsortietDKK 1.900 mio.DKK 1.900 mio.
Great BeltDKK 2.000 mio.DKK  1.757mio.
ØresundsforbindelsenDKK    800 mio.DKK   800 mio.
Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn I/SDKK 1.600 mio.DKK 1.600 mio.
Metroselskabet I/SDKK 4.200 mio.DKK 2.950 mio.