Hazardous goods

Hazardous goods can be transported across the Øresund Bridge at no extra cost. However, certain restrictions are in force to ensure the safety of road users and personnel on the bridge.
Road tunnels with restrictions on dangerous goods vehicles are classified into five tunnel categories, A-E. The Øresund Tunnel is assigned the following tunnel categories:

During the period 06.00 – 23.00 every day: Category E
During the period 23.00 – 06.00 every day: Category B

Category E implies a restriction on all dangerous goods which must be marked in accordance with the ADR regulations with the exception of UN nos. 2919, 3291, 3331, 3359 and 3373.

Tunnel category B implies a restriction on dangerous goods which could result in a major explosion. See the provisions of ADR, Part 8, Section 8.6.

Tunnel restrictions shall not apply when dangerous goods are carried in accordance with ADR, Section 1.1.3 about excemptions.

The Danish and Swedish authorities have a responsibility for ensuring that the regulations governing the transport of hazardous goods across the Øresund Bridge are complied with.

The transport of hazardous goods across the Øresund Bridge incurs no additional charges provided the vehicle can pass through the toll station in the normal way. If the transport is especially long, wide, high or heavy, special charges apply. Read more about special transports
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