Dark Fibre Link

The Dark Fibre Links is a fast, secure and reliable information highway between Denmark and Sweden.
The Øresund Dark Fibre Link is owned and operated by Øresundsbro Konsortiet. The Link consists of dark fibres installed in physically separate cables joining an Optical Distribution Frame in a Tele Housing facility in Sweden with a similar one in Denmark. The cables run in different tunnel tubes and on opposite sides of the bridge in order to optimize redundancy. In the land connections the cables are separately routed to the Tele Housings. The intention is to offer two completely separated cable routes for customers needing redundancy.

Dark Fibre Link on the bridge and in the tunnel

On the Swedish side, the connection point is located in the facility owned by Post-och Telestyrelsen (PTS) at Kalkbrottet in Malmö. The Danish connection point will be a Tele Housing facility owned by Telia A/S, either in Ørestaden or Glostrup, depending on the leasing agreement. Lessees are given the possibility to rent rooms or space in the TeleHousing facilities according to separate agreement.

The Øresund Road and Rail Link opened on July 1, 2000, casting an anchor from continental Europe via Denmark to Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. The fastest, safest and most reliable way across the water, the new link is now flowing with road and rail traffic, connecting people and industry from both sides of the water. Open every day, all year round, barring the occasional winter storm.

Dark Fibre Link between Glostrup in Denmark and Kalkbrottet in Sweden

But there is another kind of traffic that will never stop, regardless of the wiles of the elements. As of May 1, 1999, billions of bits a second is flashing through the dark fibre cables of the Øresund Link, joining Denmark and Sweden and the rest of the world as a part of the global telecommunications and data network of the new millennium. The twin cables run beside the railway track, in separate tunnel tubes and on each side of the bridge and finally via separate routes to central communication hubs in Tele Housing facilities, in Sweden and Denmark. The Øresund Bridge Dark Fibre Connection is a cost-effective, reliable and redundant. It is an optimized telecommunications option over the very ship-dense Øresund.

At the moment 384 dark fibre pairs are playing their role, together with the telecommunications operators from all over the world, to make sure the industries and citizens of the new, dynamic Øresund Region, the rest of Scandinavia and Northern Europe stay connected – today and the years to come.
Price per pair each year (DKK in thousands)
Contract period
2 years
5 years Other
1st pair  200  175   Request quote
2nd pair  160  135   Request quote
3rd pair  120  100   Request quote
More Request quote Request quote Request quote

Contracts for 2 or 5 years cannot be terminated during the contract period. After 2 respectively 5 years the contract automatically renews itself on a yearly basis unless the contract has been terminated at least 3 months before the renewal date. Please note that an additional connection fee of 50,000 DKK may be required.
Quality and performers
A state of the art cable is used from well known suppliers. The fibres comply with the ITU-T G.652 standard, and the G. 655 standard. The connectors in the ODFs are either SC Duplex or FC/PC, in compliance with the ITU-T standard. The total cable distance between Glostrup and Kalkbrottet is about 50 km and between Ørestaden and Kalkbrottet is about 30 km. Prior to commissioning, each fibre will be measured for approval, with the lessee supervising. In the Dark Fibre Link project all maintenance and exception handling procedures are included. For more information about lessees or supplemental technical specifications please call +46 40 676 60 00 or +45 33 41 60 00.
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