If you cross the Øresund Bridge a couple of times or more in one year, BroPas is the right solution for you. With a ØresundBizz® transponder behind your windscreen, you'll be able to pass through the toll station quickly and easily.
The cost of a BroPas comprises an annual subscription fee and a price per trip across the bridge depending on the vehicle.

Price per single trip (EUR incl 25% VAT)    
Car up to 6 metres   22.00
Car up to 6 metres with trailer/caravan   44.00
Autocamper over 6 metres or van/minibus 6 - 9 metres   44.00
Motorcycle   10.00
Annual fee   39.00
What you get
A ØresundBizz® transponder that enables you to pass through the toll station's green bizz lanes. When an ØresundBizz® is affixed to the windscreen the toll fee is registered automatically.

The EasyGo service which allows you to drive through the automatic lanes and use your ØresundBizz® for payment at a number of locations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. More on
Practical information
Payment. When you order BroPas, you link the contract to a credit or debit card. The annual subscription and trips across the bridge with your ØresundBizz® will be debited directly from the card. More on payment

Delivery. It may take up to a week from the time you place your order until you receive your Welcome Pack containing your ØresundBizz® transponder and useful information. The Welcome Pack will be sent by post.

Use your BroPas immediately. If you wish to cross the Øresund Bridge before you receive the Welcome Pack, all you have to do is mail us your receipts for cash payment and we will refund the difference between the cash price and the BroPas price. Send your receipts within 25 days of purchase.

Read the terms and conditions here (pdf)


With the Øresund Bridge you can use a variety of currencies and payment cards.

More about payment

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