The prices are in EUR and include VAT*
Car up to 6 metres
BroPas*   21.00
Cash payment   49.00
EasyGo   47.00
10-trip card (the card costs 337.00**)   33.70

Mobile home over 6 meters, car up to 6 metres with trailer/caravan
or car 6-9 metres***
BroPas*    42.00
Cash payment    98.00
EasyGo    98.00
10-trip card (the card costs 337.00**)    67.40

BroPas*   10.00
Cash payment   25.00
EasyGo   25.00
10-trip card (the card costs 189.00**)   18.90

*) Prices in EUR are approximate and will be charged at the card issuer‘s current rate of exchange.

**) The BroPass agreement includes an ongoing annual subscription of 38.00 EUR.

***) When you purchase a 10-trip card you pay for all 10 trips, e.g. 337/189 EUR. The card is valid for one year. Should you not use all 10 trips within that year, our Customer Service will refund the price of the card minus the cash price of the number of trips you have used plus a fee of 50 DKK.

****) If the car is over 6 meters and the total length of car and trailer/caravan is over 9 meters, the price is according to length - please see our Business prices


With the Øresund Bridge you can use a variety of currencies and payment cards.

More about payment
Check your multi-trip-card
Enter the number on the back of your card to see expiration date and remaining trips.