Special transports

Even especially long, wide or heavy vehicles can usually cross the Øresund Bridge. Special prices and conditions, however, apply – including special “time windows” when transport is permitted. Please note that, owing to the height in the tunnel, vehicles higher than 4.5 metres or wider than 7 metres cannot use the Øresund Link.
nIf the transportation vehicle falls within the "exceptional special transport" category in terms of its length, width or total weight only, the charges pertaining to exceptional special transports apply. The transporter's warning vehicles accompanying the transportation pay the normal standard price. Call +45 33 41 65 91 to book an escort vehicle. Book your escort vehicle no later than 3 pm.

Price per single trip (EUR excl 25% VAT)
Normal *According to length
Exceptional **Such as lorries under 20 metres + 132.00
Escort vehicles – daily, first hour ***190.00
Escort vehicles - daily, subsequent hours65.00
Escort vehicle - weekend, first hour ***220.00
Escort vehicle - weekend, subsequent hours75.00

* Length < 30 m, width < 3.5 m and total weight < 100 tons
** Length > 30 metres, width > 3.5 metres or total weight > 100 tons
*** Minimum 3 hours are debited

Special transport across the Øresund Bridge requires permission from the authorities. In Denmark, this is the police. In Sweden it is
  • Gatukontoret Malmö Stad if the transportation takes place within Malmö municipality's borders
  • Vägverket Region Skåne, if the transportation takes place outside Malmö municipality's borders.
You must notify the Øresund Bridge's Traffic Centre of your arrival at least two hours beforehand. The telephone number is +45 33 41 65 91. At the toll station, you must produce your authorisation and give the size of your transport and the time window.
When can I cross?
Special transport can take place during restricted time windows in order to minimise inconvenience to other traffic on the Øresund Bridge. Please note that the time window with the highest number is determined by the transport's length and width. Click on the time window to view a schedule.

If you arrive at the Øresund Bridge outside the allocated time windows, you can use the waiting areas on the Danish and Swedish sides. Contact the Copenhagen police in Denmark or Gatukontoret Malmö Stad in Sweden.

ConditionsWarning vehiclesEscort vehicles
3,30m < W < 4,00mTime Window I1 * 
4,00m < W < 4,50mTime Window II2 ** 
4,50m < W < 7,00mTime Window II2 ***1
W > 7,00 mNO PASSAGE  
18 m < L < 25 mTime Window I  
25 m < L < 30 mTime Window I1 
30 m < L < 35 mTime Window II1 * 
L > 35 mTime Window II1 *1

* If both W > 3.50 m and L > 30 m two warning vehicles are required
** The warning vehicles must drive side by side in order to prevent overtaking in the tunnel
*** The warning vehicles must drive alongside the transport to prevent overtaking during the entire trip across the link

The maximum speed for special transports is 70 km per hour. Slow moving transport, which cannot be driven at more than 40 km per hour, is only permitted in time window II and always with at least 1 warning vehicle and 1 escort vehicle. Slow-moving blocking vehicles (15 km per hour) are only permitted if accompanies by 2 warning vehicles.
Passage through the toll station
nAt the toll station special transport uses the lanes specified below. If the transport is too wide or too high to pass through, it should use the service road behind the toll station.

 2,5 m < H < 4,5 m
W < 2,8 mBay 9-11 or 29-31
2,8 m < W < 4,2 mBay 11 or 31
W > 4,2 mBehind the toll station
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