Are one-day tickets available?
No, the cheapest and easiest way to drive across the Øresund Bridge as a private person is to take advantage of a BroPas agreement. With BroPas, you even save money on your return journey.
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Are combination tickets available?
No. You can only pay for passage across the Øresund Bridge. If you need to use other toll systems, you should buy your ticket directly from the operator. You can, however, sign up to an EasyGo contract.
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How do I order a BroBizz?
Decide which agreement suits you best and visit our website to sign up to whichever scheme you choose. Your welcome pack containing your BroBizz will follow within one week.
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How can I use my BroBizz?
Your Øresund Bridge BroBizz can be used for a number of Nordic payment systems, which are part of the EasyGo partnership. This is, however, not always the cheapest solution.
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How do I link my current BroBizz/AutoBizz/AutoPass to an agreement?
You can choose to use your current BroBizz/AutoBizz/AutoPass when you sign up to an agreement on this website. The order page will take you through the process step by step.
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I have got a new payment/credit card. Do I need to do anything?
Remember to update your card details: it’s easiest to do this via Min Konto (My Account). If the card linked to your agreement expires, your BroBizz is automatically blocked.
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How do I terminate my agreement?
Print and post the cancellation form (PDF) to the Øresund Bridge, Vester Søgade 10, 1601 Copenhagen V or Øresund Bridge, Box 4266, 203 14 Malmo. Remember to enclose your BroBizz or to hand it in to one of our sales offices.
What should I do if I forget my BroBizz?
You can pay cash at the toll station. Send your receipt to us within 30 days and we’ll include your journey in your agreement so that you only pay the contracted price. There is, however, an administrative fee of DKK 50 per passage.