Responsibility, vision and business concept

Our responsibility
Our direct responsibility is to own and operate the Øresund Bridge.

The main objective is to repay the bridge’s loans within 30 years after its opening with most of the revenue deriving from road traffic. Revenue from rail operations is not dependent on traffic volume, but is regulated annually in accordance with a price index.

Our most important task, therefore, is to maintain a long-term and commercially sound business based on satisfactory revenue from road traffic and supported by cost-conscious marketing, operations, maintenance and financing.

Our indirect responsibility is to contribute to the realisation of the vision which was the driving force behind the political decision to establish the fixed link across Øresund.

Continuing integration is an important pre-condition for increasing traffic across the bridge in order to repay the construction costs for the fixed link and the landworks.

We must, therefore, contribute to a positive development of all traffic, road and rail, across the Øresund Bridge. The road and rail links are not competitors, but alternative means of transport in the integration process that we support and encourage.
Our vision and business concept
Our vision is to establish the Øresund Region as a powerhouse that will make the region even more attractive to visit, live and work in.

Our business concept is for the Øresund Bridge to build new bridges day by day – economically, culturally and psychologically.

The Bridge must be the best way of reaching destinations on the other side of Øresund.
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