Øresundsbron is financed through loans and bond issues in the domestic as well as the international capital markets. These loans will be repaid through income from the Fixed Link, where users will pay a toll for passing the bridge.
The financing of Øresundsbro Konsortiet (the legal entity raising money for Øresundsbron) is jointly and severally guaranteed by the Kingdom of Denmark and the Kingdom of Sweden, giving a very high credit rating on the bonds issued by Øresundsbro Konsortiet. Bonds issued by the company has obtained the highest possible long term rating from Standard & Poors (AAA).

Besides taking care of the financing for Øresundsbron the Treasury Department also covers the financing for the two danish owned companies A/S Storebæltsforbindelsen (also known as Great Belt) and A/S Øresundsforbindelsen (owned by Sund & Bælt Holding A/S). Bonds issued by these two companies are guaranteed by the Kingdom of Denmark and thus indirectly carries the same rating (Aaa by Moodys and AAA by Standard & Poors).

The Treasury Department also conducts the day-to-day financial management of Metroselskabet I/S and Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn I/S including their borrowings. Metroselskabet I/S is the owner, builder and manager of the Copenhagen Metro (subway) and Udviklingsselskabet By og Havn I/S is responsible for the development of the infrastructure of Ørestad (a new district within the city of Copenhagen) and the Copenhagen harbour. The two companies were established in November 2007, when I/S Ørestadsselskabet was split into to entities. The Kingdom of Denmark and the City of Copenhagen are as joint owners of the two companies directly, jointly and severally liable for the obligations of the companies in all respects, including the issuing of bonds and all agreements entered into with respect to other financial instruments; based on the liability of the Kingdom of Denmark bonds issued by the two companies are considered to maintain the same ratings as the other Danish entities, cf. above
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